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Can an air compressor blow up? Unfortunately yes, air compressor can blow up.

An air compressor can explode if it is not properly maintained or if there is a malfunction. Air compressors need to have a safe pressure output, and most manufacturers indicate the maximum pressure they can produce.

Many people use this for inflating objects such as inflating big tires, pools, or powering tools. However, many people don’t know that if they exceed the pressure limit of a compressor, it can explode and cause significant damage.

So it is important to know how to spot signs of trouble to prevent an explosion. Keep reading for more information on how to keep your air compressor safe.

How to Prevent Air Compressors from Blowing Up

How to prevent an air compressor from blowing up

An air compressor is a powerful device that needs to be handled with care. If you want to avoid an explosion, here are some of the most important things you can do.

Set the Right Pressure

You should choose your equipment based on your work type, not by choosing the cheapest equipment. Try to use a pressure setting that is right for your work and never exceeds the maximum settings on your air compressor.

Drain the tank after each use

Every time you are finished using your air compressor, make sure to drain it completely before storing it. If you don’t, the water can cause an explosion when it freezes within the tank.

Check the oil and lubricant levels

If you have an oil-free air compressor, then that’s good to go. Because oil-less air compressors require less maintenance than oil-based compressors, dust, and other impurities can still accumulate on the internal of an air compressor.

That’s why it is important to ensure that there is enough lubricant in your air compressor to help the internal components run smoothly.

On the other hand, air compressors that use oil need to have enough oil. If the oil runs out, it will cause the air compressor to malfunction, leading to an explosion. That’s why you should always check the levels of your oil supply before using the air compressor.

Know your cylinder size  

If you want to avoid an explosion, you should always ensure that your tank is filled and not too small. You should ensure that you have a large tank enough for your equipment to run properly without causing it to explode. 

Change the Filter

The filter is a crucial part of your air compressor that can help prevent an explosion. You should regularly change the filter or check it to determine whether it needs to be replaced. If your filter is clogged, it won’t be able to remove dirt and other impurities from the air.

That’s why if you see any dust on the filter, you should immediately clean it. If it needs to replace the filter, you should do it as soon as possible.

Place the compressor in a well-ventilated area  

You should never place your compressor in an enclosed area because it needs proper ventilation. If you store it in an area without ventilation, it will cause the air compressor to overheat.

Thus, leading to a potential for explosion. If you see any signs of overheating, such as a fan always running, it’s best to shut off the compressor and give it time to cool down.

Verify that all components are secure

To prevent damage to your air compressor, be sure all the parts are secure and undamaged. This includes the hose, valve, and other fittings. If you try to run the air compressor with any parts damaged, it could cause an explosion.

These are just a few of the ways you can keep your air compressor from exploding. If you want to avoid an explosion, you must take the time to read your manual and invest in high-quality equipment.

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What causes air compressor tanks to explode?

Here are some common causes of compressor explosions.

Tank Corrosion

Tank corrosion is a leading cause of air compressor tank explosions. When the tanks are exposed to moisture and other elements, they can corrode over time. Often, if a tank corrodes, it will crack.

This can cause the tank to weaken and eventually burst, leading to an explosion. That’s why it is always recommended to drain the tank completely at the end of each workday or before long breaks.

Poorly functioning pressure relief valve

A faulty pressure relief valve is another reason for air compressor tank explosion. Pressure relief valves are designed to protect the air compressor from over-pressurizing and release this excess pressure.

But when the compressor is overloaded, it can cause the pressure relief valve to malfunction and not release the pressure. This can lead to an air compressor explosion.

Overloading an air compressor means being used for an application beyond its safe limits. For example, when people use an air compressor to power power tools and other equipment that are not designed for such high pressure, an air compressor will typically be overloaded.

If the valve malfunctions, before the compressor explodes, you may hear noises coming from the compressor. These sounds include a high-pitched whistling or hissing noise, which means that pressure is building up in the tank. 

Defective Pressure Shut Off Switch

A faulty pressure shut-off switch is another possible cause of air compressor tank explosion. This safety switch is designed to cut off the power if the pressure exceeds a certain limit within a compressor.

This prevents damage and also stops any fires or injuries that might occur if the compressor becomes over-pressurized.

If the switch is faulty, it may not stop the flow of power to the air compressor when the pressure reaches its limits. This can result in an air compressor explosion.

Deficiency in compressor lubrication

Like a car engine, air compressors require certain lubrication levels for proper maintenance to prevent the risk of an explosion. If a compressor is not lubricated properly, parts can wear down.

Nearby Equipment Igniting or Exploding

Any nearby equipment close enough to the air compressor can start a fire or damage if it ignites. This includes welding equipment, drills, saws, and other powerful tools, as well as nearby paint guns and even nearby fuel tanks.

If any of these items ignite or explode, and the fire then spreads to the air compressor, it can cause an explosion that will damage or destroy both devices.

Insufficient cooling  

Although the cooling process is one that most people might not think about, it’s important to have a good air compressor cooling system. If there is not enough airflow to cool the compressor, it will overheat and explode.

Sometimes this can happen when a compressor is kept in an area that does not have good ventilation, causing the air compressor to overheat.

Not Properly Installed Valve and Tanks

Any air compressor with a tank needs to have it securely installed. If the tank and valves are not properly installed, there is a risk of an explosion.

Improperly sized tanks are another reason for air compressor explosions. If the tank is too small, it can mean that there is too much air pressure within the tank. Also, if you are using a gas-powered compressor, it must have an adequate fuel supply to keep running.

Setting the pressure too high  

Using the wrong pressure settings can also cause an air compressor to explode. This can happen if you use a too high or too low setting.

If the pressure is too low, it will not take care of your needs. For example, if you are trying to remove paint from a surface, using too low a PSI may not be powerful enough to remove the paint. Using too high of a pressure setting means that it is being used for an application that is not safe, such as power tools or other equipment designed for this pressure.

Improper Fitting Parts

If your air compressor parts don’t fit properly, this could damage your equipment.

For example, if the fittings are not compatible with your air compressor, you could create a situation where leaks may occur. This means that the air compressor parts do not fit together well and can lead to an air compressor explosion.

Improperly Maintained Tanks and Valves

Leaks in the tank and valves can cause an air compressor explosion, leading to damage to your equipment. This is because the air within the tank can lead to too much pressure. If the tank or valves are not properly maintained, they can become damaged and create a situation where there is too much pressure within the air compressor.


An air compressor explosion can lead to a dangerous and costly situation. You will need to ensure that your air compressor is properly maintained and disposed of if any parts are defective.

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What causes an air compressor to explode?

There are several reasons why an air compressor can explode, such as lack of cooling, manufacturing defects, using the wrong pressure settings, or fittings that do not fit together.

What is a good way to prevent an air compressor from exploding?

You can prevent an air compressor from exploding by properly maintaining the equipment and changing the filters when necessary.

What should I do if my air compressor explodes?

If your air compressor explodes, you should inspect the damaged equipment and replace any defective parts.

Is it safe to use an air compressor in my home?

It is generally safe to use an air compressor in your home, but you should ensure it is properly vented to release excess pressure.

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