Not everything has to be big in Texas. You can find relatively cheap car insurance in Texas. We evaluated rates from large car insurance companies in Texas to help you find the lowest-cost options.

Cheap Car Insurance in Texas

Shopping around to find cheap car insurance in Texas shouldn’t be a huge project. We evaluated insurers in Texas to find the lowest options.

Cheap Texas Car Insurance for Good Drivers

USAA and Geico are the cheapest Texas car insurance companies for good drivers, among the companies we analyzed.

Cheap Car Insurance in Texas for Drivers With a Speeding Ticket

A speeding ticket increases car insurance rates by 13% in Texas. The exact rate increase will vary by insurance company. Even though you’ll get hit with higher insurance rates, you can still shop around for the best car insurance.

Germania Mutual Group and Geico have the cheapest average rates for drivers with a speeding ticket in Texas, so make sure to get quotes from those companies if you’re shopping for Texas car insurance and have a speeding ticket on your record.

Cheap Texas Car Insurance for Drivers Who Caused an Accident With Injury

Causing a car crash that injures someone will make it harder to find cheap car insurance. Our analysis found an average increase of 46% in Texas compared to drivers with a good driving record.

If you cause an accident with an injury, Germania Mutual Group and Texas Farm Bureau Group may have the most competitive prices among the insurers in our analysis.

Cheap Texas Car Insurance for Drivers with a DUI

Car insurance costs in Texas go up an average of 52% if you have a DUI conviction on your record. You can still compare car insurance quotes to pinpoint better rates.

The cheapest Texas car insurance companies for drivers with a DUI are Esurance and National General, among the insurers we analyzed.

Cheap Texas Car Insurance for Drivers With Poor Credit

Texas auto insurance companies usually charge drivers higher rates if they have poor credit. People with bad credit pay an average of 64% more for auto insurance in Texas.

Esurance and National General may be good choices if you’re looking for cheap Texas auto insurance and you have poor credit.

Cheap Texas Car Insurance for Adding a Teen Driver

Adding a teen to your car insurance policy increases rates by an average of 87% in Texas, compared to rates for a married couple without a teen driver.

Consider getting quotes from Redpoint County Mutual and Chubb if you’re looking for cheap car insurance for teens in Texas.

Cheap Texas Car Insurance for Young Drivers Ages 18 to 25

Buying your own car insurance is a costly entry into adulthood. Our analysis found that Redpoint County Mutual and State Farm offer the cheapest Texas car insurance for young drivers.

Least Expensive Vehicles for Car Insurance in Texas

You can potentially save on car insurance, depending on what type of car you own. In Texas, the Honda CR-V LX, Subaru Forester 2.5i, and Hyundai Tucson SE are among the most affordable options for insurance, based on average rates for 50 top-selling 2021 models. The 20 least expensive are below.

The vehicles with the most expensive auto insurance in Texas among popular models are the Tesla Model S Performance ($3,346 per year) and Lexus ES 300H ($2,230 per year).

Required Car Insurance in Texas

Liability insurance helps solve your problems if you cause a car accident. It pays for injuries and damage you cause to others, but only up to your policy’s limits. If you’ve bought a low level of liability car insurance, you can still be sued by others for their accident bills that exceed your insurance limits.

Car owners in Texas must buy liability coverage with at least:

  • $30,000 for bodily injury to one person
  • $60,000 for bodily injury to multiple people in one accident
  • $25,000 for damage to property in one accident

These amounts won’t be enough if you cause an expensive auto accident. Medical bills for multiple people, for example, can quickly top $60,000.

What Other Types of Car Insurance Should I Have in Texas?

There are plenty of situations where you’d want extra coverage. A big one to be concerned about in Texas is flooding. More than 637,000 vehicles were damaged in Texas by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in 2017, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

If your car is damaged or destroyed in a flood, comprehensive coverage will pay.

Collision and comprehensive coverage cover many other situations, including car theft, hail, fire, falling objects, vandalism, and crashes with animals and birds.

They are usually required if you have a car loan or lease.

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