8 Best air compressor under 100

If you are a homeowner, DIYer, or small shop owner looking for the best air compressor under 100, we know you’re probably feeling pretty overwhelmed.

Because it’s so difficult to choose a high quality air compressor under a low budget between thousands of expensive products on the market.

To help you find a great air compressor under 100, we have researched and analyzed hundreds of reviews and ratings from experts and actual users.

And finally, we have sorted out the best 8 air compressors under $100 according to most users’ reviews and ratings.

Our Top Picks: Best Air Compressors Under 100

To make your selection process easier, we’ve summarized the top 3 best choices. However, we recommend reading the reviews to understand each product better.





PORTER-CABLE small air compressor

PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor– Our Top Pick

  • Tank Size:  6 gallons
  • PSI: 150 pounds per square inch
  • Airflow: 2.6 CFM
  • Weight: 31.2 lbs
Viair 00088 88P- Best Overall compressor for small task
  • PSI: 120 PSI Max
  • Airflow: 1.47 cubic feet per minute
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs.
GSPSCN best  Portable Tire Inflator -
  • Tank Size: 30 Gallon
  • PSI: 150
  • Airflow:  2.6 CFM
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs
BOSTITCH (BTFP02012) Pancake Air Compressor
  • Tank Size: 6 Gallon
  • PSI: 150
  • Airflow: 2.6 CFM
  • Weight: 31 pounds

PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor, 6-Gallon(C2002) – Our Top Pick


  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Colour: Red

Why do we love it?

  • It has a max pressure of 150 PSI which allows this compressor more air in the tank for the longer running time of this tool.
  • It has an oil-free pump that is durable and helps have a longer life for the compressor without any need for maintenance.
  • It has two regulated air couplers installed in the factory which helps in supporting two users.
  • The shroud, console cover and handle protect the compressor’s essential parts, making it easier to carry without fear of breaking it.
  • The motor of this compressor is just 120 V which starts without any hassle in cold weather as well.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Fast recovery time
  • It can be easily carried from one place to another
  • Oil-free pump for maintenance-free


  • It is a little noisy

Product Description:

How is Porter-Cable better than other air compressors?

Porter-Cable is a trusted and known name when it comes to the field of power tools and compressors. This product is no different and is one of the best air compressor under 100.

This best cheap 6-gallon air compressor is highly portable and convenient compressor has a big punch in a tiny package. It is portable but is still perfect for every work, including filling the tires and firing the nailers.

The unit has an induction motor, which provides better performance and a longer lifespan. This is perfect for those who want a reliable air compressor that will last them for years to come.

The best feature of this compressor is that it comes with an oil-free pump that will help ensure you’re not worried about spilling the oil or issues with its maintenance.

The only downside is that it’s a little noisy, however, its low-amp and 120 V motor is extremely powerful and efficient.

Moreover, the pancake style of this 6-gallon air compressor makes sure it is stable, and it has a water drain as well as rubber feet so it won’t scratch wood surfaces or floor. All these features makes it one of the best cheap 6 gallon air compressor.

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Viair 00088 88P – Best Portable Air Compressor Under $100


  • Power: Corded Electric. 
  • Voltage: 12 Volts.
  • Noise: 76 dB
  • Manufacturer: China

Why do we love it?

  • It is portable and comes with alligator clamps that you can attach to the battery directly.
  • It is perfect for trucks, ATVs, Sedans, and SUVs.
  • The voltage of this portable air compressor is 12 DC volt, and the working pressure is 120 PSI.
  • The Free Flow of this compressor is 1.47CFM, and the amperage is 20 AMP.
  • This compressor comes with an LED light, a 10 ft cord, an air hose measuring 16 ft, and a 3-piece inflation tip kit.


  • The wires are long enough to connect your car’s battery to the air compressor.
  • The alligator clips are constructed well enough and provide a strong connection.
  • The price range of this compressor is lower than others.
  • The screws are tight enough to seal the whole valve system, which helps in preventing air leakage.


  • Air tube attachment ends up breaking, sometimes leading to air leakage.
  • The fuse blows up quickly.

Product Description:

How is Viair tire inflator better than other air compressors?

This compressor comes with unique features from other compressors. You can use it to fill the tires of cars, trucks, and many more vehicles.

It has a pressure of 120 PSI with no need for maintenance. Also, this 12V portable air compressor is efficient as well as lightweight. It is the best air compressor in this price range. 

In-Depth details:

Don’t worry about a flat tire if you are a racer, an ATV trail guide, or a driver with the everyday commute. Keep this air compressor in your trunk and stay in peace.

Easy to use

You just have to connect it to your vehicle’s battery, start your engine, connect the compressor to the valve system, and turn your air compressor on. Keep monitoring your tire with the 120 PSI air compressor.

Extra Kit

This air compressor is lightweight and comes with a kit that includes a pressure gauge, a brass chuck, battery clamps, 3 inflation tips, and a power indicator. So, it is surely worth the money.

GSPSCN Portable Tire Inflator – Best 12v Air Compressor for Car Under 100


  • Brand: GSPSCN.
  • Power: Battery Powered
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Noise: 75 dB
  • Airflow: 70 LPM
  • Hose length: 3.5 meter

Why do we love it?

  • The fast inflation technology helps inflate a vehicle’s tires in 1.5-2 minutes only.
  • It comes with rubber feet to ensure the compressor is standing stably without moving during its operation.
  • It has powerful functionality and has less vibration and noise.
  • It is perfect to be used for trucks, crossovers, campers, minivans, vans, SUVs, MPVs, bicycles, motorcycles, and many more cars. 
  • The motor of this compressor provides high efficiency, low rotating speed, and quiet and stable usage. 


  • It has excellent efficiency and is easy to use.
  • It comes with a hose extension, adaptors, and a carry bag.
  • It takes just 2 minutes to fill in car tires. 
  • It doesn’t get too hot even if you use it for a long time.
  • It takes around 20 minutes to pump around 80 lbs of air.


  • It doesn’t have a quick connector but a screw one.
  • The pressure gauge is not calibrated sometimes.

Product Description:

How is GSPSCN tire inflator better than other air compressors?

This compressor is the perfect emergency pump for your car tires as it can inflate tires quickly and efficiently. It has the speed of a dual cylinder.

It is not only fast, but also super-efficient and powerful. Also, it comes with rubber feet to make sure the compressor doesn’t slip away or break down. 

In-Depth details:

This double cylinder air compressor can inflate the tires of your car quickly. When the tire leaks or doesn’t have enough pressure, this pump fills the tire with its high-efficiency motor.

The best part is it comes with a lighter with a 25 Amp built-in fuse, an inflation tube, a power cord, and a high-quality screw connector that makes it easy to connect the tire gas mouth tightly. Also, this is the best 12v compressor for car tires under $100 as it can inflate the tires of a standard car in 2 minutes. 

BOSTITCH (BTFP02012) – Oil-free Pancake Air Compressor


  • Dimensions: 16.9 * 16.5 * 19.1 inches
  • Noise level: 78.5 dBA
  • Power supply: electric
  • Pump type: non-lubricated
  • Warranty: One year

What we loved about it: 

  • The Bostitch BTFP02012 is currently one of the most innovative and compact air compressors. It has a pancake-style tank, making it more durable and portable compared to the older models of air compressors.
  • It also has a high flow regulator and couplers, allowing you to use it with a wider range of tools.
  • The air compressor’s Oil-Free feature ensures you get excellent compacted air and reduces the need for assistance.
  • BOSTITCH high electric engine power it, which is really powerful and nearly silent in everyday life, assessed 78.5 DBA.
  • The unit starts quickly even in the coldest weather and the 150 psi max lets you store more air in the 6-gallon tank so you can work longer before stopping to refill.
  • Finally, at 90 psi, it delivers a flow rate of 2.6 CFM.


  • Quiet operation
  • Lubrication free pump
  • Low noise
  • Spacious air tank.
  • Instinctive controls


  • Expensive
  • Limited duty cycle

Product Description:

How is Bostitch pancake air compressor better than other air compressors?

BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor is perfect for anyone on a tight budget and looking for a good quality pancake air compressor under $100. It has all the features which are required for a perfect air compressor.

At such a low price, it boasts a maximum air pressure of 150 PSI which its contenders couldn’t provide even at double prices.

The most important feature is the Oil-Free Pump, which ensures you get clean and dry air. The other feature which makes it more appealing is the high flow regulator and couplers.

In-depth Details:

Bostitch is well-known for producing sturdy, solid, and competent pneumatic equipment and air compressors. Indeed, one of the most outstanding hotcake style convenient air compressors available today is their BTFP02012 compressor model.

High Stream Controller

Thanks to an effective, simple turnover electric engine, the Oil-Free compressor siphon runs quietly to move around 2.6SCFM at 90PSI. The model s includes a high-stream controller and two couplers for better air apparatuses presentation.

It is fitted with a 6-gallon tank and is quite light for a compressor of its size, at just 31lbs.

Ergonomic Handle

The model also includes a big ergonomic handle on the top that makes it simple to move from one spot to another. It also has an impressive air reserve that allows for more extended work without often refilling.

Downside of Product

The only notable downside of this unit is that it has a limited duty cycle. However, this should not be a problem if you use it for light home projects or inflating tires.

Makita DMP180ZX 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion Cordless Inflator, Tool Only- Best cordless air compressor under dollar 100


  • Dimension: ‎4.02 x 10.63 x 7.24 inches
  • Power: Battery Powered
  • Weight: 2.7 pounds
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Pressure: 120 psi
  • Air Flow: 45 LPM

Why do we love it:

  • Makita is a top name for quality tools, and the Makita DMP180ZX is no exception. This cordless inflator is powered by an 18V LXT battery, making it highly portable.
  • The digital display is simple to understand, and the controls are straightforward.
  • The unit comes with an adapter for inflating balls, and it also has a built-in LED light for night-time use.


  • Powerful pump with helpful accessories
  • Three-year warranty
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Quietest


  • There is no trigger lock which means you have to hold it manually

Product Description:

How is Makita cordless inflator better than other air compressors?

Compared to other air compressors at this price, Makita offers 50% more run time, making the Makita inflator one of the best cordless air compressors under 100 dollars.

It is also very quiet as it uses a brushless motor. So, you can use it anywhere without any noise pollution.

Full in-depth detail of the product:

Makita inflator is designed with a three-year warranty to ensure that it can be used for many years.

Powerful Motor

Its powerful motor makes sure you have enough power to inflate a variety of tires. You can use this tool to inflate all kinds of tires, including bicycle tires, motorcycle tires, ATV tires, golf cart tires, car tires, truck tires, SUV tires, etc.

Comes with Stylish Ergonomic Handle

The feature we personally love about this air compressor is its ergonomic design handle.

Its ergonomic design handle is contoured to fit comfortably in your hand for more precision and control while inflating or driving the nail. This allows you to focus on what you are doing instead of your hand aches and pains.

Portable and Lighweight

This cordless also has a compact size and is lightweight; with high torque and power it makes the operator more efficient in fastening or inflating.

Powerful Battery

Another feature that makes this cordless inflator stand out is its latest 18v Lithium-Ion battery which is highly efficient and powerful. It can run at full speed during the charge cycle, providing quick inflations of your car tires.

You can use this cordless inflator with any Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion battery. So, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility of the battery and charger.

During testing the product, the only downside we found is that there is no trigger lock, so while pumping the tire, you have to hold it manually.

Kensun – Digital Tire Inflator for Car and Motorcycle


  • Dimension: ‎‎11.8 x 4.3 x 6.7 inches
  • Sound: 92 dB
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Air Flow: 30 LPM

Why do we love it:

  • We love the Kensun air compressor because it is a versatile and affordable option for those looking for an air compressor for under 100 dollars. This product is ideal for home and on-the-go use, as it can be powered by either a 12V DC or 110V AC power source.
  • The Kensun air compressor is a rapid performance model, meaning it can quickly inflate tires without over-working the motor.
  • The material quality is good with a heavy-duty metal construction that can withstand rough use.
  • This product comes with a bonus carrying case for easy storage and transport.


  • Excellent little pump
  • Easy to use
  • Quick to inflate
  • The accuracy of this dial is very accurate with an auto-shutoff function


  • The cord is a little short
  • The noise level is a bit high

Product Description:

How Kensun inflator is better than other air compressors?

Compared to other air compressors on the market, the Kensun inflator is more versatile as it can be powered by either a 12V DC or 110V AC power source.

It means you can use it at home or on the go without worrying about compatibility issues. It is also more accurate, with an auto-shutoff function that prevents overinflating.

In-Depth detail of the product:

Kensun air compressor is designed with digital electronic technology. It can be used in all kinds of cars and motorcycles, small vehicles like motorcycles, mini-car, scooters, mopeds, etc.

12w Solid Motor

It can adjust the working power according to the car and bike size, and the output can be adjusted by pressing the switch. This device has various functions such as a 12w solid metal motor.

With the special design of a 12w solid motor, it has higher power than other brands of inflators. It is more stable in operation and will not get stuck in the tire valve as other conventional air compressors often do.

Auto shut off

It also has a built-in shut off mechanism, so it won’t run continuously. The auto shutoff feature prevents the inflator from overheating. 

Using this air compressor for inflating different types of items, we analyze one thing the wall outlet and cigarette lighter of this air compressor are stored at the bottom of the unit.

This is a major inconvenience because, during rain or any other watery conditions, the outlet and cigarette lighter become wet and don’t work.

However, the Kensun air compressor is still one of the best air compressor for motorcycles under 100 dollar.

Craftsman – 2 Gallon Portable Air Compressor


  • Dimension: ‎‎‎13 x 15 x 18 inches
  • Sound: 78 dB
  • Weight: 17 pounds
  • Warranty: One-year limited warranty
  • Tank Size: 2 Gallon
  • Pressure: 125 psi
  • Air Flow: 5 CFM

Why do we love it:

  • The Craftsman Air Compressor is a powerful and portable air compressor perfect for small jobs around the house or shop.
  • It is oil-free and maintenance-free, easy to use and care for.
  • This compressor has a hot dog tank that holds 2 gallons of air, and a 1/3 horsepower motor powers it.
  • It has a maximum pressure of 125 PSI, and it also has a built-in regulator so you can adjust the pressure to meet your needs.
  • This compressor also has an automatic shutoff feature that protects the motor from overloading.


  • Ulta light weight air compressor
  • Powerful motor
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Quick recovery time
  • Noisy


Production Description:

How this product is better than others:

This air compressor is better than others because it is ultra lightweight, powerful, and compact. Most Craftsman air compressors come above $150, but this one is under $100.

This air compressor is oil-free, so you don’t have to change the oil regularly like other compressors. This will save your time and money in the long run.

In-Depth detail of the product:

Craftsman is a popular name in the field of air compressors. They have been manufacturing hand tools, air tools, and other related accessories since 1927.

This company is known for its durability and innovative designs. And this 2 gallon air compressor is one of their best-selling products due to its portability, power, and performance. They offer one year warranty for this product.

Noise Level Is Low

This portable air compressor from Craftsman is compact, lightweight, and has a powerful motor that allows it to operate smoothly without any noise. It is an excellent way to ensure you have plenty of air available when working on projects or in tight spaces.

Powerful HP

The Craftsman 1/3 horsepower is powerful enough to inflate car tires or air mattresses. It can also be used to inflate balloons, air cushions, bladders, and many other air-filled devices.

Durable Hot Dog Tank

It comes with a 2-gallon hot dog tank that is made from durable steel. This tank is pressure-tested to 125 PSI and has a rust-resistant finish.

The tank is also equipped with an easy-to-read pressure gauge so you can keep track of the air pressure. These features make it one of the best oil-free air compressor under 100 dollar.

AUTDER Tire Inflator


  • Dimension: ‎5.91 x 3.15 x 9.45 inches
  • Weight: 3.3 pounds
  • Warranty: Two years limited warranty
  • Pressure: 140 psi

Why do we love it:

  • The AUTDER Tire inflator is designed with a built-in pressure gauge that shows the tire’s air pressure. 
  • It is a cordless air compressor that is powered by a rechargeable battery. This battery can be charged via the included AC adapter or DC adapter. 
  • This tire inflator has a maximum pressure of 140 PSI, and it can inflate a standard car tire in just minutes.
  • It also has an LED light that is helpful for night-time or low-light inflation.


  • Made of durable material
  • Cordless and portable
  • Maximum pressure of 140 psi
  • Fast inflation time
  • You can carry it anywhere


  • After continous usage USB port gets hot

Product Description:

How this product is better than others: 

AUTDER Tire Inflator is one of the best cheap air compressor under $100. It is made of durable materials, and it is cordless, so you can take it anywhere.

The air compressor features a high-efficiency motor and a rechargeable battery with 2600mAh capacity, providing longer runtime than other models. 

It also has an LED light that can be turned on or off by a switch on the handle, so it can be used conveniently in the dark without any trouble.

The auto deflation function keeps air pressure constant so that your tires will not deflate over time. Moreover, it has a built-in safety valve that prevents over inflation and protects your tires from damage.

In-Depth detail of the product: 

The AutoTire can inflate up to four tires simultaneously with only one charge. At the same time, the air compressor base is cordless and rechargeable, making it easier to move than the traditional air compressor. Besides, it has a built-in 12V power adapter so that you can use it at any place with a standard household power outlet. It is a perfect gift for your friends and family.

Easy to use

It is a powerful and easy-to-use air compressor suitable for all kinds of vehicle tires, including motorcycles, bicycles, cars, trucks, etc. It has a built-in pressure gauge that displays the actual pressure of your tires.

12v battery

The air compressor can be recharged by simply placing it on a charging station or using the provided cordless power supply. It also includes a high-capacity, heavy-duty 12-volt battery with a built-in charger that can run the pump for 2 years.

Buying Guide for Best air compressor under 100

When it comes to buying an air compressor, you want to choose a high-quality product that will serve its purpose well.

As for yourself, What size do you need? How often will you use it? What kind of work will you be doing with the air compressor? Do you need another tool in addition to your air compressor? The following guide will help you decide which compressor is best for your unique needs.

Here are the top factors to look for when buying an air compressor.

The tank size of the air compressor.

Deciding the right tank size depends on how you will use your compressor and how much air it needs to store.

For example, if you use your compressor occasionally and it won’t be used for long periods, a smaller tank will be just fine. If you plan to use your compressor every day and use it for more extended periods, you should find one with a bigger tank, at least between 6 – 20 gallons.

Why is it essential to choose the right size for air compressor tanks?

The tank size affects how long you can use your compressor between refills. For example, if the tank is too small for the application, it will need to be refilled more often. This can be very annoying and inconvenient.

Duty Cycle of the air compressor.

The duty cycle measures how long you can use an air compressor at a fully rated PSI and flow rate. The air compressor pumps are designed for short performance bursts, not long-term use.

How to calculate the duty cycle? The air compressor manufacturers calculate duty cycles at certain PSI and CFM.

The duty cycle is defined as the amount of time it can operate before you need to cool off the unit. For example, if the air compressor duty cycle is 50% at 100 psi, it means you can use it for half of the total cycle time, then you will need to wait for it to cool for half of the time to use it again.

Noise Level

The noise level will determine how well the air compressor performs and what areas of your home it can be used in. Most air compressors make some noise, but some are louder than others.

If you expect to use the compressor in your home or other sensitive areas, look for a unit with a low decibel level if you will be using the compressor outside. Noise shouldn’t be a factor.

So what’s the ideal noise level of the air compressor?

The compressor will run much quieter at between 60 – 70 decibels. The higher the decibel rating, the louder the air compressor will be.

Portability of the air compressor

Portable air compressors are great for people to get their tools to the job site. Weighing in at around 30 – 50 lbs, they are compact and easy to handle. So if you will be carrying it up and down stairs or getting it into your car, the weight of the air compressor shouldn’t be an issue.

On the downside, portable air compressors are not as powerful as their stationary counterparts. They are designed for light-duty applications, such as inflation and basic nail and staple guns.

Maintenance Requirements

No matter what type of air compressor you buy, it will require maintenance to ensure that it continues to work efficiently.

Air compressors with oil-lubricated pumps require the least amount of maintenance, but you will need to keep track of when and how often you need to change the oil, as well as check for leaks. If you go with an oil-free pump, you will need to keep tabs on your filter and drain it every so often.


The horsepower of a compressor determines its power and performance. If you plan to use your air compressor for heavy-duty tasks, like framing or operating air tools, you should find one with at least 1/2 horsepower.

Warranty and return policies

Warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some companies offer a one-year warranty, while others offer a two- or three-year warranty.

If you plan to use your air compressor for commercial purposes, you will want to make sure that the model you choose has a long warranty. Return policies also vary, so be sure to read the fine print before making your purchase.

The Brand

Some brands are known for their quality, while others offer good value for the money. The famous trusted Brand names to look for when shopping for an air compressor are:

  • Porter-Cable
  • Dewalt
  • Bostitch
  • Craftsman
  • California

Pump type

The pump also plays an important role in an air compressor. There are two types of pumps that you can choose from reciprocating and rotary. 

Reciprocating air pumps use pistons to draw air in and push it out, while rotary pumps use a series of vanes to draw air into the pump chamber. Both types of air pumps effectively move air, but they have different advantages and disadvantages.

Reciprocating air pumps are typically more powerful than rotary pumps, making them ideal for applications requiring a high volume of airflow. They are also more durable and require less maintenance than rotary pumps.

However, reciprocating air pumps can be noisy and difficult to operate, making them less ideal for home use. Rotary air pumps are quieter and easier to operate than reciprocating air pumps, making them better for domestic applications.

They are also more compact and lightweight, making them easier to transport. However, rotary pumps are not as powerful as reciprocating pumps, making them less suitable for industrial applications.

Maximum pressure rating

You don’t want to buy an air compressor with a lower PSI rating. It can cause damage to the machine and could potentially break it.

The maximum pressure rating is the highest amount of pressure that the air compressor can generate. If you plan on using the air compressor for tasks that require a lot of power, such as operating air tools, you will need a model with a high maximum pressure rating.

Most air compressors have a maximum pressure rating of around 120 PSI. However, some models can generate up to 150 PSI or more pressures.

Cubic feet per minute (CFM)

The CFM measures the volume of air that the compressor can move in a minute. It’s important to choose an air compressor with a high CFM rating if you plan to use it for tasks requiring a lot of air, such as power tools or inflating tires. The average cfm required for most home tools is about 4-6 CFM.

Power Source

Every air compressor has a power source. It can be electric or gas-powered. Not all power sources are created equal. One of the most important factors to consider is the location of where you are planning on using the compressor. If you work in remote areas, you will need a gas-powered air compressor.

Electric-powered air compressors are the most common and easiest to use. Depending on the model, they can be plugged into outlets or run on batteries. They are quieter than gas-powered models and are less expensive to maintain.

Gas-powered air compressors are a great option if no power source is available. They can be noisy, and also, they are hotter than electric models. They are more costly to maintain and operate.

Oil-Free or Oil-Lubricated

You’ll find two main types of compressors on the market: oil free and oil-lubricated. An oil-free pump requires less maintenance than an oil-lubricated pump.

Oil-free pumps do not use oil, but they can be more expensive. However, a compressor with an oil-lubricated pump has a life expectancy of about 20% less than that of an oil-free pump. Oil-Lubricated pumps are less expensive, but the oil in the pump needs to be changed periodically.

If you want a lightweight air compressor

When you are choosing air compressors, always look for the ones that are lighter in weight. A heavy machine will make it difficult for you to carry the machine around, and also it will be tough for you to work with a heavy air compressor.

A lighter air compressor will give you an easy time using it for inflating tires, toys, and other items.


The last thing you want is for your air compressor to break down in the middle of a job. To avoid this, pay close attention to the materials used in the construction of the unit.

For example, cast iron is a very durable material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Stainless steel is also a good choice for an air compressor because it is corrosion-resistant.