Best air compressor For Spray Painting

When it comes to spray paint, you need an air compressor that can handle the high PSI and CFM ratings. It should also be able to handle the high temperatures that are produced by spray paint.

As we know choosing the best air compressor for spray painting is not as easy as one might think. In fact, with all of the different makes and models on the market, it can be downright confusing.

However, to make things simpler for you, we have done the research and come up with a list of the top 8 best air compressors for spray painting, based on power, price, durability, and customer reviews.

Our Top 3 Picks: Best Air Compressors for Spray Painting





Top air compressor for spray painting

CRAFTSMAN 20 Gallon Air Compressor – Our Top Pick

  • Tank Size: 8 Gallon
  • PSI: 120
  • Airflow: 3 CFM
  • Horsepower: 1.0
  • Weight: 48 pounds
Dewalt cheap price air compressor  for spray painting
  • Tank Size: 6 Gallon
  • PSI: 165
  • Airflow: 2.6 CFM
  • Horsepower: 1.0
  • Weight: 30 pounds
Makita Mac Big bore spray painting air compressor
  • Tank Size: 4.2 Gallon
  • PSI: 130
  • Airflow: 4.8 CFM
  • Horsepower: 2.0
  • Weight: 80 pounds

California 8010 – Steel Tank Air Compressor – Our Top Pick

California Best Overall  air compressor for spray painting

Why do We Love It?

  • The California Air Tools 8010 is designed to be very durable and provide a smooth operation for a long time.
  • It has a 1-horsepower motor, an 8 gallon tank, an output of 2.20 CFM at 90 PSI, an output of 3.10 CFM at 40 PSI and a maximum pressure of 120 PSI.
  • This air compressor is very quiet, with a noise rating of only 60 dBA.
  • This compressor has oil free pump, which means it requires less maintenance.
Comparison With Other Air Compressors

This is much faster than most other air compressors on the market. If we compare it with other air compressors, we can easily find the fact that it takes from zero to full pressure in just 120 seconds. That’s what makes this air compressor the ultimate for doing anything with the air.

There is no doubt that it can support all your needs for the home garage or shop. It’s designed for those who need easy portability, due to its small size and lightweight.

It only weighs 48 pounds. The only shortcoming of this product is that it is a bit pricey. But, when we see the features and performance it offers, the price is justified.

In-Depth Details of the Product

This California air compressor is well-known for its strong, silent, and adjustable performance, which ensures a quiet mechanical noise as well. It demonstrates how beneficial it is to us.

The compressor is very convenient in terms of its mechanical design and size, as it does not need any belt changes. This means that there is no tension on the motor, which in turn provides a longer lifespan.

The product’s pump is oil-free, which means that there is no need to add oil and you will not have to deal with the mess that it makes. You will also find that the maintenance is very low with this compressor.

Despite of these advantages, we cannot ignore that is high in terms of price as compared to others. Overall, with all the premium features it offers, the California air compressor is definitely worth the investment.


  • It cannot draw and mix oil.
  • It is very powerful and easy to use.
  • The compressor is quiet and does not generate much noise.
  • Ultimate portability
  • Quick recovery time


  • Price seems high
  • You need to buy hose separately

DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor, 6 Gallon, 165 PSI (DWFP55126)

Dewalt cheap price spray painting air compressor


  • Dimensions: ‎16 x 16 x 17.5 inches
  • Noise: 75.5 dB
  • Made in: USA

Why do We Love It?

  • This air compressor is an excellent choice for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time or money on their air compressor. Its less price and advanced functionality make it more working and useful.
  • It is easy to use with great features that will allow you to make the most of your compressor.
  • The Dewalt air compressor has a 6-gallon tank which makes it very portable so you can take it with you wherever you go.
  • This compressor also has a high max PSI of 165 which means it can handle even the most challenging projects.
  • The Dewalt air compressor also has a high flow rate of 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI which means you can work on your project for a long time without having to stop to let the compressor cool down.
Comparison With Other Air Compressors

By far, the most frustrating problem for most people who install a compressor is a clogged nozzle. When you are using your air compressor for spray painting, you need to be extra careful about the quality of the air you are using.

But, with the Dewalt air compressor, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the air you are using.

The Dewalt air compressor has a built-in moisture separator, it will remove any moisture from the air before it gets to the nozzle, which means you will always have a clean and clear paint job.

Along with benefits, the main drawback of this pancake air compressor is that it does not work properly whenever the motor is heated and hot which causes delays and fraction.

In-Depth Details

Recently we tested the Dewalt air compressor for spray painting by connecting it to a paint sprayer and spraying a piece of wood with different colors. We were very impressed with the results.

The air compressor had no problem keeping up with the paint sprayer and provided a consistent flow of air. The tank on this unit is small enough to be portable yet large enough to store a good amount of air. We also found that the air compressor was very quiet and did not create any vibration.

We tested the Dewalt air compressor for spray painting by connecting it to a paint sprayer and spraying a piece of wood with different colors.

We were very impressed with the results. The air compressor had no problem keeping up with the paint sprayer and provided a consistent flow of air. This air compressor is easy to use with hvlp spray gun.

We also found that the air compressor was very quiet and did not create any vibration.

Overall, if you want an affordable air compressor for your next spray painting, there is no doubt that the Dewalt DWFP55126 should be at the top of your list.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Includes adjustable magnet
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Can withstand temperatures as high as 175°F
  • Good recovery


  • You can’t use this while it’s hot.

Makita MAC2400 2.5 HP Big Bore Air Compressor

Makita Mac Big bore air compressor for all day work

Why do We Love It?

  • Built-in Helper System – Can be used alone or with the Makita Integrated Helper System (IHS). It’s like a pair of industrial grade work gloves!
  • Spare parts – big and small air impellers, Nozzles, etc., all these parameters make it more adoring piece of air compressor in the world of compressors.
  • Easy and Accessible to use – Smooth to turn, easy to adjust pressure, easy to control air speed and type. Just turn on and open it up!
  • Safe – Take this compressor into your car, truck, boat, etc., it’s safe to use and there is no hazard associated with it as well as it does not gets hot so quickly. All these reasons give a quite reasonable answer to why do we love this air compressor!
Comparison With Other Air Compressors

The Big Bore is one of the most popular devices for compressing any type of air for spray painting. You can find different types of air compressors, the ones we have reviewed are basically the most versatile and useful.

The Mac model has a more compact design, and it is just big enough to make a good job of compressing air. The MAC2400 can be used with an adapter to make it fit any air compressor.

The Big Bore version can be used in many different ways. It can serve as a manual hand-held compressor, or a simple personal supply machine, so you can fill your own portable air tanks. It is also handy for car air conditioning as it can replace both the compressor and the compressor unit, thus saving some space.

It is the best big bore air compressor for spray painting. One of the worst about it is that it works best at low pressures, so the final compressor output capacity will be lower than that of the ZAMKZ A2400 which is the main drawback that cannot be ignored.

In-Depth Details

The specific size, the number of cylinders, air density, and many other factors play a significant role in how efficiently the compressor works.

We have seen a variety of different models, the one we recommend the most is the Mac2400, because of its flexibility, and it comes with many different accessories, like filters and a magnetic choke. We use this air compressor for spraying texture work it work very well.

We like it because it does not need any electricity, so it is very convenient for camping, and it can compress air either internally, or externally, and the unit can run on manual or battery. It is definitely the best choice if you want to build a simple air compressor with a big bore.


  • Highly flexible and powerful
  • Compact, portable and quiet
  • Compression capacity is a bit lower, but it is still a good choice
  • Fast recovery


  • Low quality due to low temperature usage
  • Tank size is not big enough

WEN 2289 10-Gallon Oil-Free Vertical Air Compressor, 150 PSI

WEN 10 gallon spray painting air compressor


  • Brand:  WEN
  • Capacity: 10 Gallons
  • Rated pressure: 15 pounds per square inch
  • Power: 450 watts
  • Frequency: 20,000 rpm
  • Installation: 3/8-in. Hose connection

Why do We Love It?

  • It has 10 gallon air compressor tank, which is large enough to complete your painting job.
  • It has a excellent air pressure rating and good recovery time that can with stand even the most demanding task.
  • Fast, simple pump start, ready to go. This is quite enough to go with this air compressor.
  • Comprehensive Equipment Maintenance Plan is given with this air compressor that makes it more loving and understandable as compared to others. Even a person with naïve knowledge can use it, work on it, and operate it easily by using this manual plan.
Comparison With Other Air Compressors

The Win 2289 is much quieter. Its nearly silent operation helps reduce noise from the environment, which reduces complaints from nearby neighbors. Its air is filtered. There is no harmful chemical or particulates being released into the air.

Its operation is much smoother. Unlike other air compressors, it doesn’t drag its start-up and normal cycle “clicks.” Its start-up time is remarkably fast.

But there are also bad reviews about its working time because it is often not long lasting which makes it less useable and saleable as compared to others. Still, we cannot ignore its plus points!

In-Depth Details

A high-capacity oil-free compressor that is said to be 15% to 20% more powerful than the average compressor. It comes with a combined Filter less motor as well as a first-in-class 10-gallon oil-free capacity.

The package comes with compressor and 2 dust shields, all of which are covered with a 1-year limited warranty. Move over air-powered paint machines, there’s a new kid on the block.

If you plan on painting your entire house this year, this might be the machine you need.

The lack of moving parts means the compressor can reach higher pressures and provide more power than conventional compressor designs.

It also means it’s easier to service or upgrade. It’s fully battery-powered and there’s no power cord or extension cord to worry about. The WEN 2289 has an in-line cooling fan, so it’s not as noisy as the older models.


  • Longer Frictionless Start/Stop
  • Crisper Ignition Timing
  • Simpler Maintenance
  • Simple to Use
  • Portable


  • Fiddly Installation
  • Expensive

BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor, Oil-Free, 6 Gallon, 150 PSI (BTFP02012)

Bostitch oil-free air compressor for spray painting


  • Pump: Oil free
  • Max weight: 29 lbs
  • Hose: 25 length
  • Power: Corded Electric

Why do We Love It?

  • It is built with a 150 PSI reservoir tank that makes it more loving and our one of the favorite air compressor.
  • If you have ever been searching for an oil-free, 6-gallon air compressor, you may find that this is the machine for you.
  • The batter is on the lighter side, but the machine is efficient at knocking out 6-8 minutes of continuous output. With this capacity, we love to use it.
  • Additionally, the other reason that makes it more useful and quite demanding is that it has an LCD screen and keypad. You can operate the compressor in different ways: with a handheld remote control or the on-board computer.
  • It comes in a dinky little carry case. All these things make it more better choice and best air compressor that not just offers new technology but also quality output.
Comparison With Other Air Compressors

This compact machine is ideal for small offices or home workshops.

This oil-free compressor is powerful enough to turn out 3 minutes of continuous air flow without a problem, but we cannot neglect its downside or drawback as it is not so powerful that you want to run it in the open without a room full of fans to help suck up the extra volume.

Its less power makes it less reliable as compared to others. So, it needs to be more focused about enhancing its power in terms of usage and high quality.

In-Depth Details

This is a powerful compressor with a smooth performance, making it easy to turn out pancake pancakes to the accurate size you desire.

This compressor is also oil-free, and will save you money and hassle. The six-gallon capacity is great for almost any application.

The closed, ball valve also makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. If you’re searching for a small air compressor, you’ll find this great little machine in our list of the best oil less air compressors for spray painting for $100 or less.


  • Light and durable enough to take anywhere
  • Built-in oscillating fan for quieter operation
  • Attractive exterior, attractive display screen
  • Battery-operated with adjustable cycle times
  • Light enough to be used in a small office


  • Requires a roomy 12-volt socket to operate
  • A little on the small side

CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor, 6 Gallon, Pancake, Oil-Free with 13 Piece Accessory Kit (CMEC6150K)

panckae air compressor for spryaing with accessory kit


  • Suspension: Aluminum
  • Tank capacity: 6 Gallon
  • Accessories: Yes more than 10
  • Pressure rating: 150 PSI

Why do We Love It?

  • It’s lightweight, and comes with a 13-piece accessory kit. This is the unique thing that we have experienced and this is the fact that makes it valuable and loveable.
  • Also, it’s pancake design helps to maximize the usable space inside the unit, making it easier to store.
  • The air compressor is available in either six-gallon or eight-gallon capacity. This enhanced quantity and capacity is more appreciable. We love it so much in the technology world of air compressors where one company is trying to compete other. But this air compressor really competes well because it allows you to increase your mower’s power.
  • The external size is pretty compact and doesn’t take up much space. This is a plus point for us which cannot be beaten by any other compressor.
  • It also makes a great addition to our workshop as an air compressor for small electrical appliances like filling mountain tires, blowers, drills, routers, and vacuums. Plus, it fits in a tool bag pretty easily, making it one of the best air compressors to carry around in the workshop.
  • For all the power, features and durability they provide, there’s just something else that makes these compressor bottles so darn handy — they’re totally portable.
  • They’ll easily and quickly run your air compressors, blowers, ventilation systems or heating equipment, and make these necessities a lot easier to work with..
Comparison With Other Air Compressors

We also compared this air compressor with the compressor that came with the Craftsman sSRT-36 ICS Craftsman is a reliable brand, and our air compressor is approved by them. The Craftsman is bigger, heavier and comes with the polished motor housing.

This doesn’t mean that it comes with all functionality and it doesn’t offer any negative point as compared to others. The main and foremost negative point is that it misses few features that are required a lot in every air compressor.

In-Depth Details

This 4-star rated air compressor is under a 100 bucks. Since we like the very low price, we think this air compressor is a good choice for the beginner or someone who just wants a simple to use air compressor.

Since we like the very low price, we think this best portable air compressor for spray painting under 200$ is a good choice for the beginner or someone who just wants a simple to use air compressor.

This air compressor is lightweight and it comes with a very small footprint. It’s also easy to fill and will fit anywhere. This air compressor has 6 speed settings. The compressor comes with both fuel and oil for the machine.


  • Excellent for a beginner.
  • The compressor has a powerful design
  • Clean, positive RPM readout
  • Very lightweight


  • The compressor is not powerful enough for heavy task

PORTER CABLE PXCMF220VW 20-Gallon Portable Air Compressor

Industrial air compressor for spray painting
Why do We Love It?
  • By their nature, portable air compressors are small and compact. It’s the main point that makes it loving and the reason we have choose it for reviewing briefly.
  • We had the opportunity to put a small air compressor to the test and it really lived up to its small size. Its small size makes it portable and useful. It makes it more precise and efficient in terms of usage and functionality.
  • Not only is it easy to use, we found that it can still function without being plugged into the wall. That is quite convenient and efficient way of using it. Of all the air compressor models on the market, this is hands-down the best product we have tested so far. That’s why we find it as loveable which cannot be denied!
In-Depth Details

We have compared it with other air compressors that are best in terms of less noise and more efficiency.

The two-stage air system has a quality piston that can handle between 40 and 80 PSI. This air compressor is made from quality materials that are designed to last.

It has a plastic-air-compressor-built frame and rubber tires that help to maintain efficiency. It has a “negative air pressure” option that allows you to inflate tires with air pressure up to the recommended pressure.

It has a five-year warranty and a 120-volt AC outlet with two-way plug. No doubt, it is efficient and convenient to use, but its main drawback is its noise pollution which makes it less demanding in the marketplaces. But its advantages outrages it disadvantages.


  • Sits at a comfortable height
  • Ergonomic design
  • It’s low to the ground and easy to carry.
  • Allow you to power all heavy tools


  • It’s loudest one.

Buying Guide for Best air compressor for spray painting

In today’s competitive world, it’s imperative that we are always on the lookout for great products that can make our lives much easier. When it comes to purchasing air compressors for spray painting, there is a alot of equipment that is available.

Since many manufacturers produce different variations of air compressors, it can be confusing when it comes to deciding which is best for your specific usage.

Get in touch with a trusted dealer and ask them about the best air compressor for spray painting and see if you are satisfied with the results. Consider the following factors before buying:


The most obvious thing to consider when purchasing an air compressor is its price. While some companies place an outrageous price tag on their products, others use strategic pricing. For example,

some manufacturers will offer a better price when a customer buys multiple air compressors. By purchasing the same compressor at different times, the price difference between it will be significantly less.


Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to air compressors for spray painting is the size of the compressor. Some companies offer the smallest air compressors on the market while others provide the most efficient.

Since it’s possible to select from different models, it’s important to compare different machines.


We’ll also warn you that not all air compressors are easy to assemble. Make sure that you check with a specialist that knows what they’re doing and can give you a good recommendation.

If you are buying a new air compressor for a spray-painting application, the above-stated are a few things to consider before you buy your favorite compressor.


Other important factors that people need to consider while purchasing an air compressor for spray painting are its speed and how loud the machine is.

If the air compressor is so loud that it disturbs your entire family, then it should probably be avoided. Also, a high-speed air compressor might not be a good choice if you are painting outdoor structures such as a garage or a house.

Other Factors

Some air compressors come with built-in accessories such as a tower, pressure gauge, and a push back nozzle. When you purchase a compressor for spray painting, you will also need to purchase different attachments that would allow you to perform different types of spray-painting jobs.

An air compressor does not have to be a self-contained machine that only produces compressed air.

Many air compressors are equipped with different accessories and attachments such as a lift pump, reservoir tank, hose and nozzle for spray painting, lifting pump, and spout to spray the paint.

Many people have been looking for the best air compressor for spray painting and are happy to find a company that they can trust to purchase one from.

When it comes to paint mixing, some may decide to use a hand compressor while others opt to purchase a professional grade air compressor.

Whether you use a hand or a professional grade air compressor for spray painting, it’s important that you don’t overlook any of the important details when it comes to selecting the right equipment.

So, if you want to ensure that you’re buying the right air compressor, you should check the above guide.


Do you ever try to spray paint all the rooms in your house and end up with the unfinished walls? Maybe you want to cover the entire surface of the walls, but don’t have the budget for custom framing. All of this can be solved with a portable air compressor.

For a price of around $100 and up, you can buy one that offers a high-performance level with larger and larger paint volume. This is a must-have accessory for spray painters.

There are many portable air compressors for a wide variety of painting tasks, so be sure to consider all the features before settling on a model. Read the above stated 8 best air compressors for paint sprayer and opt for your best one.


Can I paint a car with a 6-gallon air compressor?

No, as a rule the compressor needs at least an 8-gallon tank, to be good for a few spray-painting sessions.

How many CFM do I need for spray painting?

For automotive painting, It is recommend to use air compressor that has 50-60 CFM, however the cfm between 30 – 40 is also enough.

Which type of air compressor is used for spray painting?

Regular air compressors can be used for painting, but typically are not considered safe for this process because the exhaust is very hot.

By Matthew